Ernest Arthur Bryant III

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I am currently studying at Yale University School of Art. My current work focuses on figurative images that use the visual language of printmaking to interrogate its historical role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Some of these works take the form of diagrams of subjects, landscapes and perspective various subject positions that are abstracted, into unintelligible, empty or monstrous entities. with my diagrams I present a structure to analyze the consequences of the abstraction of these figures, of these spaces and of these narratives. In the process of doing so, I also advance in this work the possibility of new perceptual and social ontological positions by making a different use of abstraction.

I use traditional printmaking techniques such as copper plate burin, engraving, etchings, woodblock printmaking, lino-cut printmaking, CMYK offset printmaking, mono-type and other experimental methods.



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