Flight Jacket (Chicken Party Flight Jacket Potlatch. I, II, III), 2006—08. Chicken bones, string, and public events.

The Flight Jacket project began with me seeking the blessing of my community before I embark on extended international travel. I created advertisements for a series of free community barbecues, “Chicken Parties,” which served as a call for participation in the Flight Jacket project. At these Chicken Parties, I hired a DJ to play music while I barbecued chicken wings, all washed seasoned and prepared by me, and gave away other gifts, such as candy and children’s bicycles. People came and ate danced, and in the evenings I premiered movies: The Switch, Death of a Prophet, Throne of Blood, Ghetto, Jupiter’s Rising, and a host of short clips and music videos. I Held three of these free barbecues throughout the city, each one in the different communities I belong to, my old neighborhood, the community adjacent my college, and the art community. I eventually served well over 1,000 participants. During the barbecues I made a series of announcements telling people what the event was being held for, and asked that they participate by partaking of the chicken I prepared, and returning the bones to me for the creation of my jacket.